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Express Order

*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

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7LEAVES COOKIES N CREAM EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 23.40% thc
GOLD SEAL CHERRY GELATO EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 23.50% thc
GOLD SEAL DOZIZOS EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 23.30% thc
GREEN DAWG BLUEBERRY MUFFINS ($60.00/eighth) 21.83% thc
GREEN DAWG PURPLE PUNCH 2.0 ($60.00/eighth) 23.20% thc
HCI RESERVE OG EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 25.80% thc
IC T.I.T.S EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 24.00% thc
NCF GRAPE JELLY DONUT EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 27.80% thc
UPNORTH GRAPE SODA EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 21.50% thc
UPNORTH MOONSTONE EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 21.30% thc
UPNORTH NF1 EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 28.70% thc
UPNORTH PURPLE LIGHTS EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 20.50% thc
UPNORTH PURPLE PUNCH EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 22.80% thc
UPNORTH SAPPHIRE KUSH EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 24.90% thc
530 GROWER DOLATO ($20.40/gram) 27.30% thc
530 GROWER JELLY BREATH ($20.40/gram) 26.00% thc
CASHMERE ($20.40/gram) 26.73% thc
CRYSTAL GODDESS ($20.40/gram) 28.10% thc
DO SI DOS ($20.40/gram) 27.70% thc
GELATO ($20.40/gram) 27.28% thc
NOW N LATER ($20.40/gram) 26.30% thc
ROYAL RASPBERRY ($20.40/gram) 25.95% thc
INDOOR SMALLS ($15.60/gram) 23.00% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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GOLD SEAL LAMBS BREAD EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 18.42% thc
IC CALI CHEM EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 25.50% thc
IC CHEM DOG 91 EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 23.00% thc
IC CHEM FRUIT EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 21.50% thc
IC DIABLO OG EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 20.00% thc
UPNORTH CHERRY AK47 EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 24.30% thc
UPNORTH HUMBOLDT OG EIGHTH ($60.00/eighth) 26.90% thc
CHEM 4 ($20.40/gram) 26.50% thc
CLEMENTINE ($20.40/gram) 28.24% thc
GANESH OG ($20.40/gram) 25.00% thc
GOLD SEAL CHEM 4 EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.70% thc
GORILLA GLUE 4 ($20.40/gram) 27.40% thc
LEMON FUEL OG ($20.40/gram) 24.51% thc
STRAWBERRY BANANA ($20.40/gram) 22.80% thc
ZELLYS GIFT ($20.40/gram) 23.70% thc

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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BLOOD DIAMOND OG ($15.60/gram) 21.70% thc
BLUE DREAM ($15.60/gram) 19.18% thc
BLUE MAGOO ($15.60/gram) 17.20% thc
BLUEBERRY LIGHTS ($15.60/gram) 26.00% thc
BOSS OG ($15.60/gram) 19.30% thc
DOLATO ($15.60/gram) 24.90% thc
FIRE OG ($15.60/gram) 18.70% thc
GORILLA GLUE ($15.60/gram) 22.30% thc
JELLY BREATH ($15.60/gram) 19.50% thc
LEMON DIESEL ($15.60/gram) 21.10% thc
LEMON FUEL OG ($15.60/gram) 22.20% thc
LEMON ZOOKIES ($15.60/gram) 17.50% thc
SOUR KOSHER ($15.60/gram) 19.60% thc
THE WHITE ($15.60/gram) 23.40% thc


BOB (shake) ($12.00/gram)


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CONNECTED BISCOTTI SAUCE 1G ($60/gram) 88.70% thc
CONNECTED GUSHERS SAUCE 1G ($60/gram) 83.80% thc
KEY 99 COOKIES 1 LR .5G ($60/gram) 79.80% thc
KEY ARC LR .5G ($60/gram) 75.60% thc
KEY DOUBLE TANGIE BANANA LR .5G ($60/gram) 76.20% thc
KEY DURBAN POISON LR .5G ($60/gram) 72.90% thc
KEY LEMON SUGAR KUSH LR .5G ($60/gram) 81.00% thc
KEY STARDAWG LR .5G ($60/gram) 79.50% thc
KEY SUNSET SHERBET LR .5G ($60/gram) 81.20% thc
ARCTURUS CHEM DAWG LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 66.00% thc
ARCTURUS GELATO LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 61.40% thc
ARCTURUS LEMON BLAST LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 73.00% thc
ARCTURUS LEMON DIESEL LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 68.60% thc
ARCTURUS MENDO BREATH LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 71.70% thc
ARCTURUS OG LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 76.10% thc
RAW GARDEN CHOCOLATE CHERRY SAUCE 1G ($45.6/gram) 77.90% thc
RAW GARDEN FIRE OG SAUCE 1G ($45.6/gram) 71.17% thc
RAW GARDEN HEADBAND SAUCE 1G ($45.6/gram) 71.74% thc
RAW GARDEN LIME OG SAUCE 1G ($45.6/gram) 75.00% thc
RAW GARDEN OZ KUSH SAUCE 1G ($45.6/gram) 70.30% thc
RAW GARDEN APPLE CHEM SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 0.00% thc
RAW GARDEN APPLE FEVER SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 74.10% thc
RAW GARDEN CHEM HAZE LR 1G ($40.8/gram) 81.20% thc
RAW GARDEN CITRUS SAP SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 77.50% thc
RAW GARDEN CLEMENTINE SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 72.10% thc
RAW GARDEN DEEBO KUSH SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 70.10% thc
RAW GARDEN EXTREME FIRE SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 66.90% thc
RAW GARDEN FIRE OG LR 1G ($40.8/gram) 77.60% thc
RAW GARDEN FLAMING APE SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 71.10% thc
RAW GARDEN FUNK N FIRE SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 72.30% thc
RAW GARDEN GG4 SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 62.40% thc
RAW GARDEN KOSHER CHEM SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 70.40% thc
RAW GARDEN KOSHER OG SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 65.10% thc
RAW GARDEN LEEROY OG SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 74.50% thc
RAW GARDEN MENDO PUNCH SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 67.00% thc


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SOUR DIESEL BUBBLE HASH 1G ($18/gram) 64.20% thc

*****Edibles, Vape Pens, and Balms*****

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ABX CARTS .5G ($36/each) 0mg thc
CAD .5OZ REGULAR STRENGTH ($24/each) 0mg thc
CAD 1-1 TINCTURE ($68/each) 200mg thc
CAD 150MG CBD TINCTURE ($45/each) 0mg thc
CAD 20MG CAPS ($30/each) 0mg thc
CAD 300MG CBD TINCTURE ($90/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD HIGH DOSE ($72/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD LOW DOSE ($60/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD NANAS GREAZE ($72/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD SUPER HIGH DOSE ($120/each) 0mg thc
CAD X 530 TINCTURES ($72/each) 0mg thc
CAD X GREENDAWG TINCTURES ($72/each) 0mg thc
CHRONIC ESSENTIALS OIL ($48/each) 0mg thc
DAY DREAMER 10 PACK ($24/each) 100mg thc
DAY DREAMER 20-1 CBD 2PK ($21.6/each) 50mg thc
DAY DREAMER CBD 10 PACK ($31.36/each) 50mg thc
DIME VAPE CHOP STIX ($24/each) 0mg thc
DISTRICT EDIBLES GUMMIES 100MG ($18/each) 100mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET BUTTER ($36/each) 0mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET MUDDY BUDDIES ($16.8/each) 100mg thc
HIGH CBD OIL ($90/each) 4mg thc
HIMALAYA .5G CART ($39.2/each) 0mg thc
HIMALAYA 1G CARTRIDGE ($67.2/each) 0mg thc
HIMALAYA HARDWARE ($12/each) 0mg thc
HONEY VAPE CART .5G ($50/each) 0mg thc
HONEY VAPE DISPOSABLE ($38.4/each) 0mg thc
KIVA 100MG BARS ($24/each) 100mg thc
KIVA BLUEBERRY TERRA BITES ($27.54/each) 100mg thc
KIVA GINGER CBD BAR ($32.48/each) 100mg thc
KOROVA CBD MINI COOKIES ($31.36/each) 0mg thc
NATIV GREY LABEL J ($24/each) 0mg thc
NATIV WHITE LABEL J ($14.4/each) 0mg thc
SELECT CART .5G ($39.2/each) 0mg thc
SELECT CART 1G ($67.2/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME CARTRIDGE .5G ($36/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME FUZZIES ($12/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME MINI FUZZIES ($24/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME SLEEP CBD VAPE ($43.4/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME SNEAKER BATTERY ($19/each) 0mg thc
VCC THC EDIBLES ($26.4/each) 100mg thc

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