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Express Order

*****Top Shelf Indicas*****

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710 LABS DOSIDOS EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.60% thc
FIG FARMS BANANA FIG EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 22.50% thc
FIG FARMS WHITE NECTARINE EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 20.60% thc
GREEN DAWG ORANGE COOKIES EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 16.10% thc
GREEN DAWG PLATINUM PUNCH EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 17.10% thc
KINGS GARDEN GELATO 33 EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.70% thc
LUMPYS BEN N BERRYS EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 20.20% thc
MADRONE DOCS OG EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.00% thc
MENDO BREATH EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 20.70% thc
NCP SUNSET SHERBERT EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.90% thc
NE TITAN OG EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 22.60% thc
TZAR BOMBA EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 22.10% thc
PINA FIRE OG EIGHTH ($18.00/gram) 19.10% thc
PINA TRIANGLE OG EIGHTH ($18.00/gram) 23.90% thc

*****Top Shelf Sativas*****

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FARMER MAX WHITE BUFFALO EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.90% thc
FIG FARMS PURPLE FIG EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 18.21% thc
NE LEMON THAI EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 15.40% thc
UPNORTH BANANA BREAD EIGHTH ($20.40/gram) 19.40% thc
7LEAVES JUICEE FRUIT EIGHTH ($19.20/gram) 14.83% thc

*****High CBD Strains*****

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ROSE QUEEN EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 15.00% cbd

*****Excellent Organic Strains*****

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BLACK LIME RESERVE EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 12.60% thc
CHEMDAWG EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 19.70% thc
KANDY KUSH EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 17.80% thc
KEY LIME PIE EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 15.10% thc
PACIFIC FROST EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 18.10% thc
PACIFIC OG EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 19.60% thc
PINEAPPLE EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 13.20% thc
TANG BERRY EIGHTH ($15.60/gram) 14.50% thc
CHERRY CHEM EIGHTH ($12.01/gram) 16.20% thc


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LUMPYS PRE ROLLS () 0.00% thc


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710 LABS STAR CHEM SAUCE 1G ($84/gram) 52.80% thc
710 LABS FAIR GAME BADDER 1G ($72/gram) 73.60% thc
710 LABS KOFFEE F2 BADDER 1G ($72/gram) 69.70% thc
710 LABS LEMON TART PUCKER SAUCE 1G ($72/gram) 81.70% thc
710 LABS STARDAWG SUGAR 1G ($72/gram) 70.80% thc
HASHY LARRY AGALANTHEN .5G ($64/gram) 58.60% thc
HASHY LARRY BLUE DREAM .5G ($64/gram) 56.30% thc
HASHY LARRY DAY DREAM .5G ($64/gram) 54.20% thc
HASHY LARRY FIRE OG .5G ($64/gram) 65.30% thc
FOB COMMUNE COOKIES SUGAR .5G ($60/gram) 85.30% thc
FOB JET FUEL SAUCE .5G ($60/gram) 69.40% thc
HASHY LARRY C4 SAUCE 1G ($60/gram) 57.70% thc
HASHY LARRY DOSIDOS SAUCE 1G ($60/gram) 60.40% thc
HASHY LARRY SOUR D SAUCE 1G ($60/gram) 66.60% thc
HASHY LARRY THIN MINT SAUCE 1G ($60/gram) 70.70% thc
ARCTURUS LEMON DIESEL LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 66.60% thc
ARCTURUS OG LR 1G ($45.6/gram) 59.40% thc
RAW GARDEN CLEMENTINE SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 56.08% thc
RAW GARDEN HEADBAND SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 70.12% thc
RAW GARDEN MOTOR PUNCH SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 70.20% thc
RAW GARDEN SOUR TANGIE SAUCE 1G ($40.8/gram) 64.59% thc


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710 LABS PERSY DOSIDOS LIVE ROSIN 1G ($90/gram) 76.60% thc
710 LABS PERSY WATERMELON Z LIVE ROSIN 1G ($90/gram) 91.40% thc
710 LABS DOSIDOS 90U 1G ($84/gram) 84.20% thc
710 LABS GHOST HULK LIVE ROSIN 1G ($84/gram) 76.00% thc
710 LABS KIMBO KUSH 90U 1G ($84/gram) 74.40% thc
710 LABS LEMON MERINGUE 90U 1G ($84/gram) 91.50% thc
710 LABS WATERMELON Z 90U 1G ($84/gram) 76.50% thc
710 LABS WHITE TAHOE COOKIES 90U 1G ($84/gram) 74.20% thc
710 LABS WTC LIVE ROSIN 1G ($84/gram) 67.70% thc

*****Edibles, Vape Pens, and Balms*****

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ABX CARTS .5G ($36/each) 0mg thc
CAD 20MG CBD CAPS ($30/each) 0mg thc
CAD 40MG CBD CAPS ($48/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD HIGH DOSE ($72/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD LOW DOSE ($60/each) 0mg thc
CAD CBD SUPER HIGH DOSE ($120/each) 0mg thc
DAY DREAMER 10 PACK ($24/each) 100mg thc
DAY DREAMER CBD 10 PACK ($31.36/each) 50mg thc
HEAVENLY SWEET BUTTER ($49.6/each) 0mg thc
HIMALAYA .5G CART ($39.2/each) 0mg thc
HIMALAYA 1G CARTRIDGE ($67.2/each) 0mg thc
HIMALAYA HARDWARE ($10.4/each) 0mg thc
HONEY VAPE CART .5G ($50/each) 0mg thc
HONEY VAPE DISPOSABLE ($38.4/each) 0mg thc
KIVA 100MG BARS ($24/each) 100mg thc
KIVA BLUEBERRY TERRA BITES ($27.54/each) 100mg thc
KOROVA MINI COOKIES ($22.5/each) 100mg thc
NUG CHOCOLATE ($12/each) 80mg thc
SATORI BITES 100MG ($24/each) 100mg thc
SELECT CART .5G ($39.2/each) 0mg thc
SELECT CART 1G ($67.2/each) 0mg thc
SELECT PAX POD .5G ($50/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME CARTRIDGE .5G ($37.2/each) 0mg thc
SUBLIME SNEAKER BATTERY ($10.8/each) 0mg thc
VCC EDIBLES ($27.54/each) 100mg thc

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