About Hugs

About Hugs — Sacramento Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Hugs is a medical marijuana dispensing collective focused on facilitating positive transactions between patients and providers. We have developed a safe and convenient environment for our patients to feel confident in when accessing their medicines in conjunction with a recommendation from their care physician. We also provide a friendly and caring place that patients can come to connect with other patients in the community. In addition we provide an array of support programs and educational opportunity so that patients can increase their wellness potential and be a positive force in an often hectic world.


Provide qualified patients with improved access to high quality and effective medical marijuana for medical use.

Produce medical marijuana of the highest quality for patient consumption.

Be an educational and supportive resource for patients and caregivers.

Promote compassion, wellness and health in the lives of our members.

Make a positive impact on the community we serve.


Hugs will be a premiere provider of health and wellness services. We understand that a person’s right to wellbeing is paramount. We facilitate the healing process by providing a warm and caring environment for patients to participate in a wealth of opportunities. Patients need a well-lit, clean, and professional facility in which to access safe and medicines and alternative therapies. By creating a place for patients to share in the healing process, Hugs will succeed in creating a community focused on finding healthy and happiness.

We understand that the choice to use medical marijuana is a decision to be made between the patient and their doctor. Our collective enhances that experience by providing a place to access safe and quality meds.

Hugs cares about the community we serve. Our membership adheres to a strict code of conduct and agrees to follow our Good Neighbor Policy as a part of their membership agreement. A responsible security culture ensures our patients and the community are kept safe and that the collective has a positive impact on the surrounding area. We believe in civic responsibility and will often organize members to help in community service projects. The collective will foster wellness thorough education, social activities, and support groups. We improve the quality of living of our patients through giving them a wealth of choices in their personal wellness journey.